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Right Fit Admissions Consulting is focused only on the writing portion of the college application process. Our goal is to support and coach your student as they strive to capture their personalities and experiences on paper. This process starts the summer before senior year and continues through the winter, meeting with Dana as many times as necessary.


Writing is a process. Typically when we sit down to write, we start by getting to know the student. Then we have a brainstorming session or two, and once we have an initial idea of what the student wants to write about and how to prioritize and structure the pieces, we jump in and begin putting our thoughts down on paper. From there, we take those ideas and try to create a structure for the student, and then start writing. After we have a draft completed, we then go back and begin reworking it – elaborating, revising, editing and refining. During this final part of the process, it is important to step back and look at our work through another person’s eyes – what will the audience take away from what we have produced? Have we clearly expressed what we truly wanted to say? Does it show how you think and who you are?


In a series of one-on-one sessions with Dana, seniors can work on their essays with an educator who has read and commented on hundreds of application essays and has taught summer workshops in which students have drafted and completed significant parts of their applications. With your student, Dana will discuss: how to choose from among their experiences a moment that shows how they think and feel, what they believe and what they are capable of; how to make specific, personal experiences resonate with a broad audience; and how to select words and create a narrative design that excites the reader as they define themselves.





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Please come check out one of our Communication Workshops! We use a tool called the Enneagram which is a complex and dynamic system that describes 9 personalities or types. The Enneagram is critical to better communication and compassion between parent and child.



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