Communication Workshops

     using the Enneagram

             with Mary

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram became such a life-changing tool in my life, professionally, personally and especially as a parent, that I became a certified Enneagram teacher. The Enneagram is a complex and dynamic personality typing system that dates back hundreds of years but applies to everything in our life right now. It describes nine different patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, called types. "Ennea" means nine in Greek and "gram" refers to a diagram (see above) or something written. There is so much to learn about this personality system and then use for a substantially more satisfactory life.  Its applications to parenting are enormous. It is also helpful to know more about personality types as we help our children find their way in life, including their school choice. The most important type to determine is you, the parent, first. Then, understanding how personality characteristics show up in children can make communication with our kids so much more effective, loving and compassionate.


Workshop Schedule

Communication I - Introduction to the Enneagram - Date TBD


In this workshop, you will learn about the nine personality types and use some tools to help you determine your type. You will learn about your strengths along with the challenges you face. You will learn what happens to you when you are stressed, how to see it coming and how to react and communicate in a more thoughtful way.


Communication II - The Enneagram and Parenting - Date TBD


Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs we have and our generation has been hit with more challenges than ever before, including the technology revolution, our fast paced culture and excessive consumerism. The Enneagram can have a significant positive impact on your parenting and communication in this landscape. In this workshop, learn more about your parenting personality and how to be a more effective and loving parent.


Communication III - The Enneagram and Children - Date TBD


It is hard to determine the personality type of our children before the age of twelve. We must remain open-minded as they grow and develop. However, we can learn about the different personality characteristics that show up in children (you will recognize them all!) and how to parent better to enhance their strengths and help them in their areas of growth. Having an awareness of these personality characteristics helps you be prepared and have a much more compassionate perspective on what they are going through. You will be given specific, helpful action steps to use when communicating with them.