“Thank you for the extra time with my daughter yesterday. She was just glowing when I picked her up, and her essays are magnificent. It was really helpful for her to get some extra attention, and she is so pleased with her result and excited about applying.”

- Crocker 8th grade Parent

"We underestimated the requirements and level of work required for the application process. Mary helped us by getting us organized and helping us understand better what the schools needed from us. The feedback on all aspects of the application was very helpful as well.”

- Burlingame Intermediate School 8th grade Parent

“You helped our son gain the confidence he needed to tackle the application process. Your questions and comments were constructive and he left feeling he had produced a strong summary of who he was and what he wanted from a high school. This process also helped him understand better which school is a better fit for him.”

- Hillview Middle School 8th grade Parent


“Thank you for being such a supportive partner in completing the application process and making yourself available to us virtually whenever we needed you.”

- The Carey School 5th grade Parent


“It was so helpful to have someone else give feedback and spend time with our kids. They emerged feeling very good about their essays and confident about the process. This was invaluable to our family. We are all so pleased with the results.”

- Crocker School 8th grade Parent


“I want to let you know that you prepared our daughter well for the visits and interviews! She handled them beautifully and had a number of genuine compliments about it!” 

- Jordan Middle School 8th grade Parent


“We were so appreciative to have your guidance during this process. You took the intensity of the “pressure cooker” down several degrees, and think it’s made all the difference for both my husband and myself. Thank you!”

- The Carey School 5th grade Parent


“Having Mary and Dana was like having very wise and experienced teachers on our team. It effectively eliminated the tension between parent and child, and Mary/Dana were able to get the kids to rise to a much higher level than we could have done on our own.”

- Crocker School 8th grade Parent


“The interviews went really, really well. She was very confident going in, thanks to your great coaching.”

- The Carey School 5th grade Parent